about me

(and my mom)

A little bit about me…and why I started Mariposas Que Prosperan

Hi, I’m Teohua, a senior at Cypress High School in Orange County, California.

Life presents us all with unexpected challenges. For me, one of the greatest challenges has been my mother’s battle with breast cancer not once, but twice.

Such moments are defined by a whirlwind of emotions—fear, dread, and a sense of helplessness in a situation out of my control.

The first time my mother was diagnosed, I was just a young child, unable to fully grasp the magnitude of my mom’s condition. Yet I understood enough to be scared. The second encounter presented the greatest challenge, as I fully understood the current and possible repercussions that breast cancer presents.

But this challenge also sparked something within me, a desire to turn my experience into something positive.

I started Mariposas Que Prosperan because I’ve realized that not all women who face breast cancer are as fortunate as my mom, who thankfully is healthy and doing well (in case you’re wondering). Latinas in particular face a lot of obstacles, even in a country as wealthy as the United States. I aim to help bridge the gaps Latinas face within our healthcare system: language barriers, cultural stigmas, and financial constraints that can hinder access to quality care. I want to empower Latinas with resources, information, and support to help them beat breast cancer.

I realize there’s only so much one high school kid can do, but if I am able to help even one woman like my mom it will be worth it. Knowing I’ve made some sort of positive contribution, in a world flooded with negativity, is something I find fulfilling. I hope you’ll join me in some way, shape, or form on this journey. Un viaje para ayudar a las “mariposas” en nuestra vida (nuestras madres, esposas y hermanas) a virir, luchar y prosperar.

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